Looking for a good party entertainment?

Make your party one to remember with some live party entertainment! Below are some very different and exciting party theme ideas to make your party go with a bang!

Thinking about safe, yet flammable party entertainment?

The Fire Show Extravaganza can really help your evening go off with a bang! A family friendly show that appeals to all ages, Kat will engage your audience with dangerous tricks and exciting routines; all your family and friends are guaranteed to be talking about your party for years to come! This show includes many different skills including fire whip, fire eating/body burning, fire staff, fire club swinging, fire hoop, wall of fire poi and multiple fire hoop! And an optional pyrotechnic finale!

Do you have questions about having a fire performance as your party entertainment? Then check out the FAQ’s page

Party Entertainment; The final Frontier? A 1960’s Space theme?

Bristol Party Entertainment | UK-WideBristol party entertainment

This is a great party entertainment idea- the swinging 1960’s! And how about some wonderful live party entertainment from this space themed glow show “2001: Space Shenanigans!”.

This tribute to 1960’s Scif, it is a must of any 1960’s themed party. Its whimsical Barbarella inspired character,  will have your audience both laughing at her antics and mesmerised by wonderful twinkling lights and amazing patterns she creates in mid-air. All set to original 1960’s music. It includes many different circus skills such as poi, staff, hula hoop- with a glow hoop that creates hundreds of different patterns as it soars through the air! And multiple glow hoops for a truly memorable finale.

Below is the hoop routine from the show performed live!

“Kat came to my birthday party, and performed an ambient set and a glow show.  When the glow show started I was really amazed and impressed, as were the other guests – so much so, that some were calling for ‘more’ at the end!  A really excellent show, and very memorable.  Now I need to think of another party for Kat to perform at!” Mark Gilbert

How about ice themed party entertainment?

Stunning Ice themed Bristol Party Entertainment!

For a beautiful Ice Queen look no further! Highly skilled at performing with both single hula hoop and multiple hoops this Ice Queen turns and twists with ease as she entertains at your event. She displays her gracefulness when she performs with a specially made ice staff. Playful and always looking for fun this Ice Queen is totally approachable, she won’t put you shivers down your spine! Kat’s Ice Queen can also perform with glow equipment to bring an added twinkle to your event. A perfect addition to your ice themed or Christmas event

 How about some balloon modelling for your party entertainment?

balloon modelling | Bristol Party entertainment servicesNowadays balloons really can come in all shapes and sizes and Kat can twist them into many different animals and sizes, wearable or handheld, adored by children and adults alike. In her Balloon twisting costume Kat can either provide balloon models for your event or teach a workshop so all the family can have a go at this wonderful art form. Check out the balloon gallery for photos of Kat’s cute balloon models.

Maybe an unusual party guest to get the rest of the party really talking!

Bristol Party entertainmentMildred. She’s a game old bird. I’d love to sit and have a pot of tea with her, talk about her time aiding the French Resistance during the war, how she sewed parachutes for stranded airmen out of her voluminous bloomers and the time she smuggled French cigarettes in her girdle to sell on the black market. But Mildred is a busy soul.. too many people have descended into slovenly ways. Great Britain needs a jolly good tidy up! With her Henry Hoover in tow, Mildred is taking on the grime of Britain one layabout at a time. She has a cheeky glint in her eye and a sharp tongue that’ll lick you into shape, spit spot! Just don’t ask about her ‘waterworks’ or her late hubby’s piles or you’ll get more than you bargained for.

“A fabulously magical and mesmerising performance to celebrate one of those birthdays with a zero
in it. Kat’s act is totally breathtaking and something that will never be forgotten. Thanks Kat for making the afternoon something different and special.”  
Adrian Burholt

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